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Absolute Value 

Creative Church is a project of Crescendo International - the ministry amongst classical and jazz musicians and other artists of CRU. We began with is in the late 1990’s and was motivated by the fact that many Christian musicians and other artists wanted to invest their gifts in churches and worship services, but didn’t find the right platform to do so.
Another motivational factor for this artistic church service was the realisation that people in the postmodern world are more interested in a holistic experience of God, than merely word- centred teachings. The arts play an increasing role when it comes to reaching people with the gospel; churches are starting to discover this as well.

In the 1990’s several projects were born. These included placing art in church services, such as the Willow Creek Sunday services or the “Thomas Mass” in Europe. Following this, Crescendo began approaching churches in the city of Basel that were interested in new forms of church services. The Swiss reformed church was especially interested and offered a beautiful old church building for hosting purposes of these events. “Kirche Kreativ” was established here as a type of institution over the last 25 years.

Through the work of Crescendo, this initiative started in other cities as well, such as Paris, Leipzig, Riga, Budapest, Dresden, and in other cities overseas. Creative church services were hold in about 40 cities.

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